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Welcome to Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette:
Sensory Friendly Performances

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette is proud to offer sensory friendly shows for almost every show in each season! Sensory friendly showings offer the opportunity to see our performances with fewer dramatic changes to the environment. This means that the house lights stay up, the sound cues are turned down, our performer’s mics are off, and the lobby stays open! Audience members are welcome to come and go from their seats as needed during the performances. In addition, the door to the lobby remains open and the show will be up on the TV in the lobby for viewing!

What doesn’t change is the show itself. At the heart of every sensory friendly show is inclusivity and accessibility for all audience members regardless of age and familiarity with live theater. The themes, language, heart, and action of all our sensory friendly shows stay the same. If we can offer you any other accommodations for an upcoming show, please reach out to us at! We cannot wait to see you here!

a photo inside the Civic Theatre, behind teens attending the Sensory Friendly production of "Footloose: the Musical"

What to Expect

    House Lights on but dimmed

    Loud sound effects are turned down or eliminated

    The performer’s mics are turned off
    The lobby stays open with a live video feed of the show


Who is this for?

    Patrons overstimulated easily by changes in light or sound
    Patrons susceptible to migraines
    Neurodiverse patrons or children who need a little "wiggle room"
    Patrons with PTSD or other nervous system disorders 

From the back row, teens facing the stage attending the Sensory Friendly performance of "Footloose: The Musical"

Upcoming SF Performances

2023-24 Season

    The Prom - Saturday May 18th @ 2:30pm

2024-25 Season

    Clue - Saturday September 21st @2:30pm

    School of Rock - Saturday November 23rd @2:30pm

    The Holiday Cabaret - Saturday December 14th @2:30pm

    The Amazing Maurice - Saturday January 18th @2:30pm

    Psycho Beach Party - Saturday February 22nd @2:30pm

    Almost Maine - Saturday March 15th @2:30pm

    Mac Beth - Saturday April 5th @2:30pm

    Urinetown - Saturday May 17th @2:30pm

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