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Welcome to Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette:
ASL-Interpreted Performances

At Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette, we believe in making the magic of theater accessible to all. That's why we're proud to offer American Sign Language (ASL)-interpreted performances, ensuring that our productions are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of hearing ability.

What is an ASL-Interpreted Performance?

During an ASL-interpreted performance at Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette, two trained ASL interpreters will be positioned on or near the stage, using American Sign Language to convey the spoken dialogue, lyrics, and sound effects of the production. The interpreters are carefully selected and trained to accurately convey the tone, emotion, and nuances of the performance, providing a seamless experience for both deaf and hearing audience members. 

Why Attend an ASL-Interpreted Performance?

For deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, attending a traditional theater performance can sometimes be challenging or even impossible without proper accommodations. ASL-interpreted performances bridge this gap by providing clear and accurate sign language interpretation, ensuring that all audience members can follow along with the storyline, dialogue, and songs. This allows deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to fully experience and enjoy the show alongside their hearing peers.

Upcoming ASL-Interpreted Performances

Check our website or contact our box office for information on upcoming ASL-interpreted performances at the Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette. Join us as we celebrate the power of theater and the joy of inclusion! We can't wait to see you there!

An example of an ASL-Interpreted show, featuring two interpreters in front of the stage while an actor performs behind them.


Courtesy of Northeastern University, Photo courtesy Claire Pettit, NU Stage

Members of NU’s ASL club interpret a performance of NU Stage’s “Spring Awakening”

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