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11th Annual Play Festival

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's 11th Annual Up To 10-Minute Play Festival will take place June 23-25th! Curtain times are:

June 23rd 7:30pm (Sheeza)

June 24th 7:30pm (Raul Rojas)

June 25th 2:30pm (Vickie Maris)

Pre-show music begins one-hour before curtain!

Come enjoy a drink in our lobby bar, plus Rolling in Dough Pizza Truck before each show!

Admission to the Festival is $12.00 or by a roll of the dice! Any amount from $2 - $12! What you roll is what you pay!

Admission is first-come first-serve!

11th Annual Play Festival Plays

"In the Background" by Scott Haan, Directed by Micah Davis

ELLEN: Rachel Wallace
LUKE: Ethan Johnson
INTERVIEWER 1: Nathan Plantenga
INTERVIEWER 2: Pamela Adams

"Love is Blind" by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman, Directed by Steve Martin

KAY: Rena Oren
TIMOTHY: Brian Ruh

"Moments Away" by Neil W. Radtke, Directed by Neil W. Radtke

XAVIER: Richie Stephan
EMILY: Kait McGee

"Zoltan, Teller of Truths" by Alicia Ana Hernandez-Roulet, Directed by Marisa Simmons

ZOLTAN: Martin Fernandez
CHARLIE: Kyle Brown
REBECCA: Stephanie Knight

"Life on Repeat" by Laurie Russell, Directed by Laurie Russell

LAILA: Rachel Wallace
MOM: Marcella Holmes

"The Labyrinth" by Mark Zwolanek, Directed by Neil W. Radtke

MONACHIKOS: Richie Stephan

"Secret Admirer" by Karin Gillund, Directed by Emily Green

JAKE: Daniel Condreay
MIA: Kade Wereley-Bross
FRIEND: Ozcer Kochell

"Ghosted" by Ron Burch, Directed by Mark Zwolanek

BILLY: Sean Freeman
AVERY: Emily Green
GHOST: Sarah Mishler

"Just Book Club" by Eric Margerum, Directed by Eric Margerum

AYN: Abby McClure Laufman
LOUISA: Kade Wereley-Bross
JANE: Rachel Wallace
GEORGE: Sean Freeman

"Tommy" by Tim Franklin, Directed by Steve Martin

GORDON: Brian Ruh
BERNICE: Stephanie Knight
TOMMY: Neil Radtke
THE BOSS: Dan Skinner

"Hot for J.C." by Brandon Fulk, Directed by Kyle Brown

JACEY: Kait McGee
LEE: Ozcer Kochell

"Understudy of the Crescent Moon" by Craig Martin, Directed by Craig Martin

NATHAN: Ethan Johnson
RYAN: Daniel Condreay
ABIGAIL: Rena Oren

"Soda Pop Art" by Alicia Ana Hernandez-Roulet, Directed by Marisa Simmons

VIEWER: Dan Skinner

"I Can Hear the Music" by Laurie Russell, Directed by TJ Rosa

SANDY: Kate Martin
CARL LOUDEN: Alex Tarnowski
RITA: Marcella Holmes
SYLVIE: Abby McClure Laufman

"Stuck" by Marcia Eppich-Harris, Directed by Eric Margerum

JOHN: Eric Adams
JUDY: Pamela Adams

"Your Body" by Mark Harvey Levine, Directed by Mark Zwolanek

CLAIRE: Kade Wereley-Bross
DARREN: Daniel Condreay

"The Time Machine" by Matt Kerkhoff, Directed by Kyle Brown

MASTER: Eric Adams
EDGOR: Leo Rodriguez
MASTER #2: Scott Starkey
MASTER #3: Martin Fernandez

Play Submission

Playwrights can submit one 1-minute script and one up-to-10-minute script for judging. The submission deadline is Wednesday, March 1 at 4 pm. EST or until 50 scripts have been received per category. Submissions are open to all Indiana residents.


Scripts must be attached as either a PDF or Word file in a message to The subject line should be the playwright’s last name, the play title, and the submission category – either 1- minute or up-to-10-minutes, for example: Smith, “This Is a Good Play Title,” 1-minute play. The name of the play, its category and the playwright’s contact information – name, physical address, e-mail address and phone number – must be included in the body of the message, too.


Other submission rules:

  • Playwrights must be 16 years and older to submit.

  • Submissions must be plays only. Musicals will not be accepted.

  • Please submit only one script per message.

  • Plays must not have been produced or published prior to submission.

  • Plays that are longer than 1 minute or longer than 10 minutes, depending on the category, will not be accepted.

  • The cast size is limited to five people; casts will include actors ages 18 and older, only.

  • Scripts should have simple production elements. Directors will have four chairs, a kitchen table, and two cubes as set pieces.

  • Scripts must have simple costuming and technical requirements.

Civic Theatre will contact all playwrights by email prior to a public announcement of the winning scripts on April 10. The 11th Annual Play Festival will be produced June 23 -25, 2023.

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