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12th Annual Short Play Festival

12th New Play Festival (2).png

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's

Short Play Festival

will take place June 28-30th, 2024!

Curtain times are:

June 28rd 7:30pm

June 29th 7:30pm

June 30th 2:30pm 

Pre-show music begins one-hour before curtain! We are excited to feature Camryn Boutelle and Sheeza as our pre-show musicians!

Come enjoy a drink in our lobby bar

Admission to the Festival is $12.00 or by a roll of the dice! Any amount from $2 - $12! is what you pay!

Admission is first-come first-serve!

2024 Short Play Festival Lineup

Captain Murica & the Right-Wing Squad

Written by Alicia Ana Hernandez-Roulet

Director: Kyle Brown
Featuring: Daniel Condreay, Sarah Mishler, Kristina Stewart, Quentin McGlothlin


Written by Mark Harvey Levine

Director: Liam Kelley
Featuring: Richie Stephan, Alli Chaney, Clem Kollman, Steve Martin

A Factually Inaccurate Conversation

Written by Zachary Mark

Director: Neil Radtke
Featuring: Trey Gorden, Mark Zwolanek

A Date with Death

Written by Laurie Russell

Director: Laurie Russell
Featuring: Hope Young, Richie Stephan, Daniel Condreay

This Cow and That Trombone

Written by Steve Martin

Director: Eric Margerum
Featuring: Alli Chaney, Rachel Wallace, Bruce Ward

The Sea of Tranquility

Written by Ted Fry

Director: Marisa Simmons
Featuring: Elisa Hostetler, Trey Gorden, Casey Moore

Love in the Time of Cockleburs

Written by Nancy Gall-Clayton

Director: Elizabeth Gresser
Featuring: Ethan Johnson, Kate Martin, Elisa Hostetler, Grace Bross, Casey Moore

The Audition

Written by Linda Kampe

Director: Duane Baldwin
Featuring: Ana Rakita, Martin Fernandez, Steve Martin

Carthago Delenda Est

Written by Scott Starkey

Director: Eric Margerum
Featuring: Lyle Janney, Ana Rakita, Kade Wereley-Bross, Duane Baldwin

A Biting Commentary

Written by Kyle Brown

Director: Mark Zwolanek
Featuring: Julia Tharp, Beth Sands, Martin Fernandez, Scott Starkey

What Do You Say, A True Story

Written by Mark Harvey Levine

Director: Kyle Brown
Featuring: Rachel Wallace, David Teter


Written by Brandon Fulk

Director: Tesha Hardy
Featuring: Rivers R. Blue, KeShawn Hawkins

An Apéritif

Written by Steve Martin

Director: Trey Gorden
Featuring: Kate Martin, Duane Baldwin


Written by Kyle Brown

Director: Richie Stephan
Featuring: David Teter, Beth Sands, Ethan Johnson, Rivers R. Blue

Auditions - CLOSED

Auditions for the 12th Annual Play Festival will be held May 13 and 14, 2024 from 6pm - 9pm

Attendance is required for one night only. Auditions will be held as a group, so the directors may change and adjust pairings. Because of this, please be prepared to stay for the entirety of the audition (+/-3 hours).

Sides will be available by April 29, 2024, Monday.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for movement. Bringing water is also highly recommended.

Play Submissions - CLOSED

Playwrights can submit one 1-minute script and one up-to-10-minute script for judging. The submission deadline is Wednesday, March 1 at 4 pm. EST. Submissions are open to all Indiana residents.


Scripts must be attached as a PDF file in a message to The subject line should be the playwright’s last name, the play title, and the submission category – either 1- minute or up-to-10-minutes, for example: Smith, “This Is a Good Play Title,” 1-minute play. The name of the play, its category and the playwright’s contact information – name, physical address, e-mail address and phone number – must be included in the body of the message, too.


Other submission rules:

  • Playwrights must be 16 years and older to submit.

  • Submissions must be plays only. Musicals will not be accepted.

  • Please submit only one script per message.

  • Plays must not have been produced or published prior to submission.

  • Plays that are longer than 1 minute or longer than 10 minutes, depending on the category, will not be accepted.

  • The cast size is limited to five people; casts will include actors ages 18 and older, only.

  • Scripts should have simple set, costume and other technical requirements.

Civic Theatre will contact all playwrights by email prior to a public announcement of the winning scripts on April 20, 2024 at The Civic Theatre Season Reveal and via external communications. The 12th Annual Play Festival will be produced June 28-30, 2024

Playwrights whose plays are produced in the festival will receive a PDF of the program, the poster, and production photos.

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