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You can check out Taylor's work at 

Artist-in-Residence Taylor Cappelleri

Taylor Cappelleri is Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's artist in residence for the 2023-2024 & 2022-2023 seasons. She enrolled her kids into some Civic Theatre classes which eventually, lead to, now seven years later, her and her family being very involved in the theatre.

"It has been a true full circle moment for our family," Cappelleri wrote. "...(In college), I fell in love with a 2D design class that required us to make art only using black and white paper. Fast forward twenty years later, paper is the medium I chose to go back to when I started creating again in 2019.


"During 2020 I spent a lot of time in my art room using art as a tool toward self-discovery and healing. This is the story and process I shared in my first gallery show at The Arts Federation in October 2020. Thereafter, I began offering a commissioned art experience called 'Tell Me Your Story.' This process gave me the honor of hearing people’s most precious stories and turning them into pieces of art."

*Quoted from Journal & Courier March 3, 2023 article, here.

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