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Civic Theatre 
Production History

Since its inception, the Civic Theatre has had a captivating story in Lafayette, where hundreds of unforgettable productions have brought communities together. With a legacy spanning decades, the Civic Theatre has become a cherished institution, where actors, directors, and patrons alike converge to celebrate the transformative power of live performance.

From timeless classics to bold contemporary works, each show is a testament to our enduring commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement. Join us as we continue to inspire and enrich audiences with the magic of live theatre. Join us as we continue to write the next chapter in our remarkable journey, forging connections, inspiring minds, and enriching lives through the magic of theatre.


Upper photo: Cast of "The Muffin Man", 1970-1974.
Lower photo: Cast of "Jack and the Beanstalk", 1958. 
Photos courtesy of the Tippecanoe County Historical Association. 

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