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School of Rock.jpg

WHO: Adults and Youth age 9-12 (4th/5th grade appearing)


WHEN: September 3rd, 4th, and 5th from 6:00-8:00. Attendance is required for one night only.




WHAT: Actors will be asked to prepare a chorus and a verse from a song and will be asked to read sides from the script.

HOW: Sign up at the Registration Link below.

School of Rock

Available Roles

Dewey Finn (Adult) - Tenor
Rosalie Mullins (Adult) - Soprano
Ned Schneebly (Adult) - Baritone
Patty Di Marco (Adult)
Zach (Youth)
Tomika (Youth)
Lawrence (Youth)
Mason (Youth)
Billy (Youth)
Summer (Youth)
Freddy (Youth)
Katie (Youth)
Shonelle (Youth)
James (Youth)
Sophie (Youth)
Madison (Youth)
Marcy (Youth)
Ensemble (Adults and Youth)


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