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WHO: Actors +18, fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


WHEN: Sunday, August 28th, 2022 and Monday, August 29th, 2022 from 6-8:30p. Attendance only required for one night. 


WHERE: Sunnyside Intermediate School (530 N 26th St - enter off of Cason Street)


WHAT: Auditionees should prepare 32 bars of a song that is in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music (an accompanist will be provided). You may also bring recorded accompaniment. Please dress comfortably and bring appropriate shoes for a short movement call. Auditionees will be reading sides from the script.


HOW: Email to schedule an audition. Audition appointments are strongly encouraged; walk-ins will be seen after all appointments have been completed.  Fill out an audition form and bring it with you to your audition or plan to arrive no more than 20 minutes early on the night of your audition to complete your audition form.

Lucky Stiff, A Musical Comedy

Available Roles

Lucky Stiff is an offbeat, hilarious murder mystery farce, complete with mistaken identities, six million bucks in diamonds, and a corpse in a wheelchair. The story revolves around an unassuming English shoe salesman who is forced to take the embalmed body of his recently murdered uncle on a vacation to Monte Carlo per his uncle’s will. Should he succeed in passing his uncle off as alive, Harry Witherspoon stands to inherit $6,000,000. If not, the money goes to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn... or maybe his uncle's gun-toting lover!


Character Breakdown

Harry Witherspoon / Early to late 30s / Tenor

A shy, sweet-natured, and insecure young Englishman working as an underpaid shoe salesman in a gray London suburb. Beset by dogs and prying neighbors in his boardinghouse, Harry knows that life is passing him by, but feels incapable of making any changes or taking any chances.

Annabel Glick / Early to late 30s / Mezzo-Soprano

A representative of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn, Annabel takes life very seriously. She denies herself any small pleasures for fear that if she waits for happiness to knock, it won’t. Annabel wears protest buttons and carries a bag full of useful things like tire gauges and granola bars.

Rita La Porta / Early 40s / Alto

Hard-edged, Rita is extremely volatile and severely nearsighted. She is passionate, impulsive, jealous, and very determined to get what she wants. She is also putty in the arms of her lover, Tony Hendon. Things often get out of control when Rita is present. She is a chain smoker.

Vinnie Diruzzio / Early to late 40s / Baritone-Tenor

Rita La Porta’s brother. An optometrist. He is a nervous and disciplined person who is a pillar of the community who would never do anything out of the ordinary, risky, or controversial. At times, the stress can really get to him. Vinnie is allergic to smoke.

Dominique Du Monaco / Early to late 30s / Alto

Tall and gorgeous, Dominique is the headlining performer at Le Club Continentale. She can be very warm, sympathetic, and understanding, especially where money is concerned. A staple of the Monte Carlo cabaret scene, this socialite is the ultimate entertainer.

Luigi Gaudi / Mid to late 40s / Tenor-Baritone

A boisterous and gregarious Italian man, Luigi wears a beard and perhaps an eye patch. He keeps popping up wherever Harry happens to be, and is always eager to lend a hand. Luigi is a pivotal character who at times is a bit mysterious.

The Body of Uncle Anthony / Mid to late 40s / No speaking or singing

Tony Hendon (Uncle Anthony) was the friend and business partner of Nicky La Porta, Rita’s husband, until he met his untimely death. His detailed and unusually particular will dictates what will happen to his inheritance. A point of contention between many members of the ensemble.

5 Ensemble Members / Varying ages / Various vocal parts

Five actors will portray various characters (Landlady, Surly Lorry Driver, Solicitor, Clothing Salesman, Emcee, Nun, Eye Patient, Nurse, Bellhop, among others) throughout the show. Seeing the same five actors playing a myriad of characters is a magical affair.

Notes on Casting

The actor playing the body of Uncle Anthony truly has a herculean task. Besides two short scenes, the actor should be prepared to play the role of an embalmed dead man in a wheelchair who must remain very, very still. This actor will also be audio recorded for various voice-overs that are used during the show. Additionally, while some of the above characters are cis-gender, trans and non-binary folks will be given full consideration for all roles they are interested in.

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