Mad Wife.jpg

world premiere Staged reading:

Second death of a mad wife

by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

5/14 7:30pm

General Admission

All ages pay what you can

A Civic Staged Reading Production at the Monon Depot Theatre

Directed by Stephanie Bosma

Bunny Maybrick began life in an opulent Alabama mansion and is ending it in a squalid shack full of cats in rural Connecticut. In another life, under another, more notorious name, she was once sentenced to life in a Victorian prison for killing her British husband. Now old and preparing for death, Bunny has given away most of her meager belongings, but the heavy contents of her soul are harder to leave behind. That is until a local prep school boy, Theo Voss, becomes an accomplice in Bunny's meandering, mad confession - one that includes adultery, arsenic addiction, and the murder of Jack the Ripper. Second Death of a Mad Wife is about secrets and the trouble they bring. And what happens when they won't go quietly to the grave.


Florence "Bunny" Maybrick aka Miss Chandler:  Marylin Howland

Theo Voss:  Xander Haan

The Lover:  Will Ellis

The Other Wife:  Thea Strand

The Brother:  Eric Francis

The Baroness:  Kate Walker

The Unfortunate Dead:  Anna Burman

Narrator:  Tamzin Malone