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Disney's Moana Jr.

Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Brought to you by Citybus

Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i & Mark Mancina

Directed by Julie Baumann

Music Direction by Paul Addison

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At Lafayette Jefferson High School

Disney’s Moana JR. is a musical adaptation of the 2016 Disney animated film, bringing the adventures of Moana and her village of Motunui to life onstage.

Artwork by Taylor Cappelleri

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Civic Youth Theatre Production

Production Dates & Times

Eligible for Flex Season Pass

General Admission seating

Friday July 29 @7:30p

Saturday July 30 @2:30p & 7:30p


Show Sponsors

Show/Camp Sponsor:
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Moana: Coco Roberts

Maui: Liam Kelley

Chief Ancestors: Charlotte Ruh, Avery Miller, Abby Ruh, Maya Carr, Vanessa Halverson, Jade Mills, Sophia Stetler, Hailey Mumford

Gramma Tala: Jamie Delgado

Chief Tui: Roy Liu

Sina: Caroline Anderson

Hei Hei: Frey Britton

Pua: Natalie Bonfitto

Tamatoa: Parker Smith

Left Claw: Wynne Roberts

Right Claw: Lily Faiola

Ocean Ensemble: Annaliese Robbertson, Beth McVey, Mia Roinson, Miriam Cameron, Tabitha Alexander, Olivia Lucas, Penelope Kaplan, Wynne Roberts, Lily Faiola, Maeve Britton, Quinn Parmley, Cesira London, Juliet Seliger, Sacha Peyton, Audrey Stemick, Katie Pitoukkas

Villager 1: Abbi Lee

Villager 2: David Cappelleri

Villager 3: Isabel Williams

Villager 4: Sophie Canine

Villager 5: Abraham Bogert

Villager 6: Lilliana Brewer

Village Dancers: Annaliese Robertson, Olivia Lucas, Quinn Parmley, Miriam Cameron, Audrey Stemick, Tabitha Alexander, Wynne Roberts, Lily Faiola

Village Weavers: Sophie Canine, Evie Masters, Lilliana Brewer. Katie Bevans, Aiyanna King

Village Fisher 1: John Lewis

Village Fisher 2: Sacha Peyton

Village Fishers: Kai Wilkins, Mary Stuckey, Griffin Michael, Parker Smith, Sacha Peyton, John Lewis

Maui Ensemble: Isabel Williams, Quinn Parmley, Miriam Cameron, Evie Masters, Freya Britton, Sacha Peyton, Tabitha Alexander, Olivia Lucas, Griffin Michael, Abbi Lee, John Lewis, Annaliese Robertson, Penelope Kaplan, Wynne Roberts, Lily Faiola, Maeve Britton, Natalie Britton, Caroline Alexander, Mia Robinson, Cesira London, Audrey Stemick, Freya Britton, Katie Pitoukkas

Gate Monster: David Cappelleri

Monster Ensemble: Lilliana Brewer, Griffin Michael, Abraham Bogert, Juliet Seliger, Beth McVey, Roy Liu, Mary Stuckey, Kai Wilkins, Sophie Canine, Katie Bevans

Te Fiti/ Te Ka: Katie Pitoukkas

Shiny Ensemble: Isabel Williams, Kai Wilkins, Mary Stuckey, Aiyana King, Olivia Lucas, Abbi Lee, Maeve Britton, Juliet Seliger, Lilliana Brewer, Cesira London, Katie Bevans, Tabitha Alexander, Sacha Peyton, John Lewis, Evie Masters, Sophie Canine, Quinn Parmley, Beth McVey, Penelope Kaplan, Mia Robinson


Stage Manager: TJ Rosa

Sound Board Operator: Michael Schmidt

Projections: Emily Duncan


Choreographers: Julie Baumann, TJ Rosa

Sound Design: Peyton O'Brien

Light Design: A.J. Dowling

Rigging: Bryce Nethercutt

Set Design: Sadie Alge

Costume Design: Sadie Alge

Set Painter: Sadie Alge

Set Construction: John Michael, Alan Holtman, Alex Holtman, Christy Carr, Kelly and Steve Bevans, Roy Liu

Camp Counselors: Kristie Schuh, TJ Rosa, Jack Kauffman, Ellie Kirchner, Kennedy Houser, Xander Haan, Sofie Alge

Junior Counselors: Laura Pardillo-Lopez, Kendall McCullough, Molly Kauffman, Chely Roark

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