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WHO: Actors +18 and fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


WHEN: Sunday, January 15, 2023 and Monday, January 16, 2023 from 6-8p. Attendance required for one night only.

WHERE: Historic Monon Depot Theater - 320 N 5th St

WHAT: Auditionees will be asked to read from the script, improvise simple responses with prompts provided, and attempt an Irish accent. (Accent work will be encouraged after casting.) Age considerations will not be rigidly observed – actors can play older or younger than they are for this one.


HOW: No appointment necessary. Arrive no more than 20 minutes early to fill out an audition form, or bring your completed form with you.

Flanagan's Wake

Available Roles

Kathleen Mooney - town eccentric and pagan, housekeeper for Father Fitzgerald. Kooky, mystical, and capable of issuing curses, though harmless.
Fiona Finn -  Flanagan’s long-suffering fiancé of thirty years, proper and correct and Catholic, with a simmering, frustrated sensuality that occasionally comes to the surface.
Mother Flanagan - Flanagan’s mother – cantankerous and shrewd, her Gaelic accent is so thick it is now only gibberish. (Gender flexible – also plays a leprechaun)
Father Fitzgerald - parish priest who takes his holy responsibility seriously, but likes to gamble and can be found in the pub knocking back a couple with Brian.
Brian Ballybunion - Flanagan’s best friend and drinking buddy since childhood. Himself a weaver of tales, he is constantly devising plans to make money without actual employment.
Mickey Finn - County Sligo’s best-known writer and younger brother of Flanagan’s fiancé, Fiona Finn.
Mayor Martin O’Doul - Grapplin’s only elected official and bartender, perpetual politician and glad-handing host.
Flanagan - our protagonist, an unusual, fascinating, mythic man who, for story purposes, can be anyone we need him to be.

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