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Flanagan's Wake

An interactive comedy with music

Conceived by Jack Bronis
Created by Jimmy Binns, Amy Binns-Calvey, Geoff Binns-Calvey, Jack Bronis, Mark Czoske, Phil Lusardi, Patricia Musker and Bonnie Shadrake
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In Loving Memory of Ted and Helen Anderson

Directed by Craig Martin, Music Direction by Justice Fuller

Join the villagers of the beautiful fictional village of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, as they tell tales, sing songs and mourn the passing of one of their own, Flanagan. You'll be transported to the Emerald Isle to grieve as only the Irish can. You can share tales of your own experiences and misadventures with dear old Flanagan or simply enjoy the stories and songs of the locals as they recall life with "himself." Once you have arrived in Grapplin, you'll pay your respects to glowering Mother Flanagan and to poor grieving fiancée, Fiona Finn. Listen to a eulogy written by County Sligo's best-known writer, Mickey Finn, and tip a pint with Brian Ballybunion, himself a weaver of tales. You can cross yourself with the blessings from St. Gregory's parish priest, Father Damon Fitzgerald, or cross your fingers that local pagan Kathleen Mooney doesn't cast a spell on you. Mayor Martin O'Doul will preside over the proceedings with an iron hand (and a parched throat).

Production Dates & Times

Thursday March 16 @7:30p

Friday March 17 @7:30p

Saturday March 18 @7:30p

Show Sponsors

ted and helen anderson ad (1).png

In loving memory of Ted and Helen Anderson


Kathleen Mooney: Helen Coats
Fiona Finn: Sarah Mishler
Mother Flanagan: Doug Pruim
Father Fitzgerald: Zach Hoover
Brian Ballybunion: Richie Stephan
Mickey Finn: Matt Kerkhoff
Mayor Martin O’Doul: Judson Wright


Coming soon...

Production Team

Tara Faloon: Justice Fuller

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