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WHO: Actors +18 and fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


WHEN: Sunday, December 11, 2022 and Monday, December 12, 2022 from 6:30-9p. Attendance required for one night only.

WHERE: Civic Office - 313 N 5th St

WHAT: Auditionees will be asked to read sides from the script individually and in small groups. Audition sides available below.


HOW: No appointment necessary. Arrive no more than 20 minutes early to fill out an audition form, or bring your completed form with you.

Daniel's Husband

Available Roles

Daniel Bixby  - an accomplished architect, 40's 

Mitchell Howard - a novelist, Daniel's partner, 40's

Barry Dylon - a literary agent, Mitchell's best friend, 49

Trip - an in-home healthcare specialist, 20's

Lydia Bixby - Daniel's mothers, late 60's

Audition Sides

Side 1

Characters: Daniel, Trip, Barry, Mitchell

Side 4

Characters: Trip

Side 2

Characters: Mitchell and Daniel

Side 5

Characters: Daniel 

Side 3

Characters: Mitchell and Lydia

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