La Cage Aux Folles Auditions

Audition Dates: Sunday, Dec. 5, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. & Monday, Dec. 6, 6:30 – 9:00p.m.                                  *Callbacks -  if needed  - @ 6:30 p.m. Tues. Dec. 7 

Location:              Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette
                                 320 N 5th Street
                                 Lafayette, In 47901

*Those auditioning must be 18+ and prepared to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. 

What you need to audition:

Please prepare 32 bars of a song (usually about a verse and the chorus) in the style of the show (please bring sheet music/accompanist will be provided).  Please dress or bring shoes for a short movement audition.  Auditionees will be reading scenes (sides) from the show. 
Audition appointments are strongly encouraged, walk-ins will be seen after all appointments have been completed.  Contact Amelia at to schedule an audition appointment. 

Director is casting the following roles:

THE CAGELLES (M & F presenting, 18 - 40) Various vocal ranges – The Drag performers at La Cage, they are fabulous, flamboyant and fierce both onstage and off. Some will also double as the townspeople of St. Tropez. (Must be able to move well and be willing to perform in drag. Any tap-dancing experience a plus but NOT required.)

      -CHANTAL (M or F presenting) Vocal Range: Soprano or a great falsetto necessary. An elegant drag performer who fancies themself an opera diva. (Need to be able to sing operatically/in falsetto. Featured Vocals)

     -HANNA (M or F presenting) – A feisty drag dominatrix who rules with a strong attitude and a whip. (Ensemble Vocals)

    -PHAEDRA (M or F presenting)– An exotic and mysterious performer. (Any special tricks or acrobatics a plus. (Ensemble Vocals)

    -ANGELIQUE (M or F presenting)– A Beautiful dancer at La Cage. (Ensemble Vocals)  
    -BITELLE (F presenting) – Playful both offstage and on. Will also double the role of COLETTE. (Ensemble Vocals)

    -MERCEDES (M presenting) – A favorite performer at La Cage.  Will also double the role of ETIENNE. (Ensemble Vocals)

Featured Cast:

ALBIN (M presenting, 40 – 60), Vocal Range: High Baritone, A#2-G4 – A loving, maternal, and proudly effeminate gay man who is the headliner at La Cage under the drag name Zaza, a fabulous diva who demands attention with every move she makes.  Role requires a performer who sings well, moves well, is comfortable with audience interaction and is a great comic actor. (Solo Vocals)

GEORGES (M presenting, 40 - 60), Vocal Range: Baritone, G2-F4 – The charismatic owner of La Cage, where he is also the emcee with a celebrated flair. Is lovingly devoted to his partner Albin, and a doting father to their son Jean-Michel.  Role requires a performer who sings well, is charismatic and has the (sometimes wry) comic timing of a good closer (lands the punch). (Solo Vocals)

JEAN-MICHEL (M presenting, 20 – 25), Vocal Range: High Baritone, A#2-G4 – Georges’ charming son who has been spoiled by his loving parents. Somewhat of a playboy who has recently finished sowing his oats and fallen desperately in love with his fiancée Anne. (Solo Vocals)

JACOB (M presenting, 18- 40) – The flamboyant butler with dreams of being a drag star. He balances managing the hectic household and keeping Albin happy. Role requires a great comic actor. (Featured Vocals)

ANNE DINDON (F presenting, 20 – 25), A sheltered girl who has just recently discovered her own sense of personal freedom. Is Eduard and Marie Dindon’s daughter, and fiancée to Jean-Michel.  May also double as one of the Cagelles during Act One.  (Must be a good mover – Featured Vocals)

EDUARD DINDON (M presenting, 40 - 60) – A right-wing politician who is Anne’s father. He is staunchly conservative, pompous, and bigoted.  Role requires a performer that is a great comic actor. MAY also double in the role of RENAUD. (Must be willing to perform in drag at the end of the show – Featured Vocals)

MARIE DINDON (F presenting, 40 - 60), Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano, F4-A5 – Anne’s Mother, and devoted wife of Eduard. She is shy, retiring, and sexually repressed but sex-starved. She has moments of genuine caring that shine through, but they are often silenced by her husband.  May also double in the role of MME. RENAUD. (Must be willing to perform in drag at the end of the show – Featured, can be comedic, Vocals)

JACQUELINE (F Presenting, 30 - 60), Vocal Range: Mezzo, B3-F5 – A friend to Georges and Albin and the glamorous owner of the Riviera’s most exclusive restaurant. She has a larger-than-life personality. Role requires a performer who sings well and is a great comic actor. May also double other smaller roles. (Featured Vocalist)

FRANCIS (M presenting, 25 - 40), The hard-working stage manager at La Cage who is an expert at herding drag queens. Ends up having a liaison with Hanna. May also double in other roles. (Ensemble Vocals)

ENSEMBLE: (M & F presenting) Small ensemble for off-stage chorus/townspeople/dancers and in the smaller roles of Babette, Tabarro, Hercule and Pepe. (Ensemble Vocals)

**If we do not double the Dindons/Renauds – Director will also cast Renaud and MME Renaud separately, (M & F presenting, 25-50) – a couple who are friends with George and Albin and owners of a popular seaside café. (Ensemble Vocals)