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The Russell Award

All college-bound seniors who have participated in Civic Theatre at any time are eligible to apply


 The Russell Award is a $500 cash scholarship, the winner’s name engraved on a plaque on display in Civic Theatre's lobby.


“In Memory of J Harrison Russell”

J Harrison Russell (Harry, to his friends and family) was a gifted violinist who could not only play beautiful classical pieces in a quiet quartet, but could also fiddle a bluegrass song in a crowded, noisy bar. He also played the guitar, was a talented vocalist, and wrote beautiful music with his friends and family. He loved to perform with his dad in their band, The Friendly Harrys.


Harry was a generous soul who loved his friends and family. He also loved his country and was stationed at Hurlburt Air Force Base with the First Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron. He was always willing to join in and be a helpful part of any group and that group was lucky to have him.


Harry was a few months away from his 21st birthday when he committed suicide. When Harry left us too soon, the Russell family wanted to honor his memory by highlighting with joy, not sorrow, the accomplishments of those who have contributed so much to their chosen group – Civic Theatre.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 26, 2023 at 4:00p

AWARD: The Russell Award is a $500 cash scholarship and the winner’s name engraved on a plaque on display in Civic’s lobby.

NOTIFICATION:  On or before May 31st. Public announcement made at 24 Hr Theatre Camp Performance on Saturday, June 3rd

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