Little Women Auditions

WHEN:   Sunday November 14th  5:30-7:30pm
                  Monday November 15th 5:30-7:30pm

WHERE: Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette Office
                  313 N 5th  Street
                  Lafayette, IN 47901

WHAT:   Arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out an audition form.  Civic staff will take your picture/No
                 headshots necessary. Actors will be asked to perform cold readings from the script.
                 Must be 12-18 to audition.

PRODUCTION DATES: January 28th - 30th, 2022


MARMIE - The matriarch of the March family. A social revolutionary; ahead of her time. Good sense of humor. A warrior; keeps the family together. Tough, strong, and intelligent. (May double as Aunt March.)

AUNT MARCH - The most unpleasant old woman imaginable. Has lots of money; privileged. Strong political and personal opinions, which people endure. Has an intermittently hacking, disgusting cough. Very judgmental.

MEG MARCH - The oldest March daughter. Wears glasses. Acts as Marmie's second in the house. A romantic a heart - likes to dress up and have little luxuries in life. 

JO MARCH  - The Second oldest March daughter. Does not fit comfortably within her given gender role. A deep fire within her. Extremely ambitious and frustrated by the distance between where she is and where she wants to be. Impatient and wants to change the world. Very smart and knows it. A mix of insecurity and aspiration. Sometimes antagonistic. Not the most tolerant of differing viewpoints. Can be quite awkward or abrupt; bad temper when riled. A great sense of humor. Ahead of her time. A warrior. With a special relationship with Beth.

BETH MARCH - The third March daughter. Very sweet and paralytically shy; had to be removed from school because of her social anxieties. Agoraphobic. An extremely special person. Almost incapable of going out in the world; sheltered by her family. Loves deeply and has deep empathy for everyone. Loves the simple things in life - so much that it hurts. Sees much more than anyone realizes. Brave and sensitive; quick to forgive and heal wounds. An observer. 

AMY MARCH - The youngest March daughter. Opinionated and spunky; popular and quite focused on style. Not the most tolerant of differing viewpoints. Socially intelligent. Sometimes puts on airs. Perhaps a bit spoilt. A perfect "little lady," except for her temper, and her not so great command of "vocabiblary." Grows up to be quite beautiful and elegant. Madly in love with Laurie, around whom she is never cool. 

HANNAH - Irish. The March's longtime housekeeper, cook, and defacto babysitter. A treasure; a terror; a traditionalist. Takes no nonsense. Matter-of-fact; she's the boss of the kitchen. 

MRS. MINGOTT/MESSENGER - Mrs. Mingott- a very rich, stylish woman. Vanderbuilt-esque, condescending, not terribly pleasant; fancies herself charitable. Messenger- a messenger who carries messages. 

THEODORE "LAURIE" LAURENCE - A sweet and handsome young man; sensitive. Funny, charming, and caring. In his fantasies, he's a white knight: riding in to rescue damsels in distress. A natural muscian. Wealthy thanks to his inheritance; generous, does not think about money. Does not always fit comfortably within the given parameters of his give gender role. He doesn't want to grow up and become a soldier or tedious man of business. Finds a family in the Marches. 

JOHN BROOKS - Laurie's sometimes stiff and awkward tutor. A rule-follower. A poor man; well educated. Feels deeply. Quite madly in love with Meg. 

*The following roles may be doubled*

PARROT - Aunt March's parrot; pure evil. A musty, disgusting bird. Probably an actual demon in parrot form. 

MR. DASHWOOD - A publisher if cheap newspapers and novels. A businessman, working in a "man's world." Fancies himself a realist. Not a nice guy. Thinks he's a nice guy. Probably drunk. 

MR. LAURENCE - Laurie's grandfather, responsible for Laurie's upbringing. A wealthy man. A gentleman in the strictest sense. Not comfortable with emotional language; bad at expressing himself. Has a rigid sense of what appropriate behavior is. Probably quite unintentionally frightening. 

ROBERT MARCH - father of the March girls. Never speaks, but his presence looms large. Is wounded in the war; never quite recovers. A significant limp.