Specialty Camp

Individually scheduled

This in-person workshop will be brought to your very own backyard (or outdoor space) where a Civic Theatre Teaching Artist will lead a group of 6-10 participants in exciting outdoor theatre activities, specifically tailored to your group’s interests.  Hosts are responsible for choosing a workshop topic and theme, for filling the 6-10 slots with a group of youth who range in age from 8-18, and who collectively are not more than 3 years apart (i.e. a group could consist of 8-11-year-olds,  but ideally not a group of 8-16 year olds).

All workshops for ages 8-18 are two hours in length, and can be booked by contacting  There is a flat rate fee for the workshop of $200. 


One-hour workshops for students ages 5-7 may be booked for $100 per session. 


*Locations more than 25 miles from Civic Theatre will require an extra fee for travel based on mileage.

*Host homes must be willing to provide a restroom for participants or be located closely within guests’ homes for safe restroom access. 


Workshop Topics:

-Improvisation: Theatre games that build communication skills, teamwork, and creativity without a script

-Musical Theatre: Rehearse and perform music and a scene(s) from a favorite show

-Play-in-a-Day: Choose a play idea, create an original work and perform it together

-Character Creation: Design and create your own unique character, write and perform a monologue and/or scene in character








Historical Fiction

Animal Characters

*And Host-Requested!


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