The 8th Annual 10-Minute Play festival

By Tim Franklin, Jackson Janowicz, Craig Martin, Neil Martin, Steve Martin, Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, Neil Radtke, Katie Ribant, & Laurie Russell


A Civic Theatre MainStage Production at the Monon Depot Theatre


The 8th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival will feature a selection of the best 10-minute plays written by local area playwrights within Tippecanoe and surrounding counties. 

Winning Plays and Playwrights (in alphabetical order):

"Unfinished" by Tim Franklin

"Heaven" by Jackson Janowicz

"Down in the Hole" by Craig Martin

"I Can Talk to Fish" by Neil Martin

"An Appreciation" by Steve Martin

"For Richard, for Poorer" by Steve Martin

"Closedbook" by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

"Seen" by Neil Radtke

"Cereal Killer" by Katie Ribant

"The Things That You Do" by Laurie Russell