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10th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

This annual event will take place at the Monon Depot Theater (320 N 5th St). No tickets needed. Minimum $10 donation at door. 

*This year's festival contains adult content, themes, and mature language that may not be appropriate for audience members under the age of 16. Parental guidance is advised.

June 17, 2022: 6:00p  EMT Food Truck preshow through intermission, featuring preshow music by Derrick Coleman

7:30p Curtain

June 18, 2022: 6:15p  Enjoy your tasty treats from the Taste of Tippecanoe in our Beer Garden, featuring preshow music by Sheeza

7:30p Curtain

June 19, 2022: 1:15p Donuts with Dad! Enjoy complimentary donuts from Hammer Donuts, featuring preshow music by Jeff Anderson

2:30p Curtain


The Rings of Zafu by Tristan Crutchfield, Directed by Neil Radtke

Zafu: Nathan Plantenga

Narrator: Tristan Crutchfield

The Waiting Room by Laurie Russell, Directed by Laurie Russell

Helen: Abby Laufman

Human: Mike Nelson

A Pygmalion Epilogue by Molly Weber, Directed by Susan Kisinger

Pygmalion: Eric Margerum

Pygmalion's wife: Emily Green

Paphos: Keri Toole

Aphrodite: Rachel Wallace

Heavy is the Back That Wears the Cape by Kyle Brown, Directed by Kyle Brown

American Admiral: Richie Stephan

Dr. Umanski: Trey Gorden

The Party Shoppe by L. Jan Eira, Directed by Kyle Borcz

Delta: Kade Wereley-Bross

Colin: Sean Freeman

Her Name is Mary by Brandon Fulk, Directed by Brandon Fulk

Mr. Duff: Lyle Janney

Hugh Lowery: James Woodford

Ruby: Keri Toole

A Quarter Placed on Railroad Tracks by Steve Martin, Directed by Steve Martin

Jaske: Leo Rodriguez

Court: Daniel Condreay

The Four Horsemen by Brandon Fulk, Directed by Brandon Fulk

Jim Beam: Nathan Plantenga

Jack Daniels: James Woodford

Jameson: Martin Fernandez

Johnnie Walker: Chris Fulk

Bud Light: Dan Rayman

HELP: A Short Play by Jessica Collaco, Directed by Marisa Simmons

Zookeeper: Emily Bosma

Soldier: Amie Fortman

Rebekah: Chloe Turner

Agent: Mark Zwolanek

True Talents by Laurie Russell, Directed by Laurie Russell

Prince Schartzmugal: Richie Stephan

Princess Priscilla: Micah Davis

Larry the Footman: Daniel Condreay

Portabella: Martin Fernandez

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